For the fastest and most effective support, please include this info in the email:

  • Name of the asset you are using
  • Unity version you are working in
  • Pipeline (Standard / Universal RP / HDRP)

Please explain the problem thoroughly and include screenshots or a video if possible.
Each asset will have some form of documentation included, make sure to check this first for solutions. 


The bottom menu in your asset does not work and prints an error in the Console.

To fix this, you will have to add all the demo scenes from the asset to the Build Settings. These scenes are usually found in the "Assetname/Demo/Scenes" folder. Select all of them and drag them into Scenes in Build, make sure they are enabled before you try again.

Can I use the asset for my commercial game?

Yes! Most assets from the Asset Store often use the same license. Read more here or check the EULA.

Will the asset work in 2D and 3D projects?

Most of my VFX assets will work in both types of projects. Keep in mind that some effects use billboards that face a specific way and might not show up in isometric or 2D camera views unless rotated properly.

Can I use your particle effects in a UI Canvas?

Take a look in this forum thread for one way to use particles in a UI Canvas.

Another way to render effects infront of the GUI is to use camera layering or camera stacking (check YouTube for a ton of tutorials!).

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